We process all common plastic waste to high-quality unmixed regrind & return these to the production cycle. With competencies in various technologies we are able to recycle mixtures as well as large-volume or bulky components.

We offer toll sorticanter processing or purchase the plastic waste of our clients. With many years of experience in process & separation engineering as well as in analytics we support our clients in planning & setting-up of their recycling plants.

Get an overview of our services at the sites in Bötzingen, Riederich & Berlin.



  • Single- or two-stage granulation of thermoplastics
  • Dry-mechanical waste sorting of light & heavy goods
  • Granulation of fabric-reinforced plastics
  • Dedusting of paper adherences
  • Removal of fixed foamed parts
  • Granulation of fiber material or thermoplastic elastomers
Toll Sorticanter Processing
  • Two-step granulation for an optimal broken up (multicomponent parts)
  • Selective separation according to density: mixture in silo (ABS+PA, ABS+POM, PA+TPE, PP+ABS), mixture damages in grinding operations (ABS+PA, ABS+POM, PA+TPE, PP+ABS), multicomponent parts (PC+PC/PET, PA+EVA, PA+TPE, ABS+POM) & metal/plastic separation (PA+ALU, PA+Messing)
  • Process development, feasibility studies & analytics
Toll Sorticanter Processing
  • Acquisition of CD/DVD from sorting, old acryl waste from dismantling, backlight sheets from dismantling of flat screens, semifinished goods from production, panel waste of POM, PE, HDPE, etc.
  • Sorting of mixed fractions in the area of above qualities as well as packaging of individual fractions as marketable units
  • Acquisition of small quantitiies