Services in contract processing and separation

With our wet and dry mechanical processing and separation systems, we can process a wide range of composite plastics (e.g. in multi-layer sandwich structures) in such a way that they can be separated by type. The plastic mixtures are predominantly processed into usable plastic fractions on a contract basis.

Crushing, sorting & processing

  • Sorting of mixed fractions in the area of above qualities as well as packaging of individual fractions as marketable units
  • 1-/2-stage granulation of thermoplastics
  • Dry-mechanical separation of light and heavy goods
  • Separation of fabric-reinforced plastics
  • Dedusting of paper adherences and removal of fixed foamed parts
  • Granulation of fiber material or thermoplastic elastomers

Plastic mixtures from complex waste streams

  • 2-stage granulation for an optimal composite exposure (multicomponent parts)
  • Selective density separation: mixture damages in grinding operations and silos, multicomponent parts and metal/plastic separation
  • Selection of plastic compounds recovered: PP & PVC, PA & PET, PP & PPO, PC & PBT, ABS & PA, PA & POM, PS & SAN, PP & PA , PCABS & TPU, ABS & elastomers, ABS & PVC