Services in technology & process development

For our customers, we are active as problem solvers, e.g. in the stabilisation and quality assurance or improvement of recyclates, measurement and process control technology as well as system modification to open up new sales markets. We provide support in the technological implementation of processing methods and recycling strategies, identify production and plant-related inefficiencies and develop technical alternatives as well as economic decision-making proposals for modernisation, expansion and replacement investments.

Technology development & implementation

  • Technologies for density separation processes, dry mechanical separation processes and their combinations
  • Development of separation media and analytical methods for plastics
  • Processes for selective plastic separation, ecological and economic design of separation media cycles, plastic-metal separation and selective metal separation
  • Process concepts on behalf of the customer: material investigation, determination of the separability of the material mixtures, development of the separation conditions in the technical process, testing of the material properties of the recyclates and selection of the suitable process