Production waste – Acquisition profile

We buy all common plastic waste in large batches. We are happy to make you a non-binding offer for your production waste.

Plastic waste post-industrial

  • PVC waste soft & rigid from industries such as automotive, window construction, printing, etc.
  • Films on rolls unmixed or mixed
  • Automotive parts mixed from the production
  • Start-up lumps unmixed or mixed
  • EPDM seals
  • All thermoplastic waste from production
  • Panel waste of HDPE, PP, POM, PC, PMMA, etc.
  • Many moreproduction waste

Plastic waste post-consumer

  • PE/PP rigid plastics from collection points (e.g. recycling depot)
  • Plastic types from LVP sorting plants such as DSD 310, 324, 329, etc.
  • Indutry foils coloured to natural
  • Fuel oil tanks, IBCs, barrels & canisters
  • Pipes
  • Plastic folding windows & shutters
  • PVC mixtures such as bars, profiles, shutters, etc.
  • PS/PP-flower pots
  • TV or monitor housings from dismantling
  • Backlight sheets from the dismantling of flat screens
  • CD/DVD from sorting
  • Many more