Services in analytics and technology consulting

Determining the separability of plastic mixtures, the quality and quantity of the expected recyclables are indispensable for the economic efficiency of recycling processes. We investigate and evaluate plastic mixtures with regard to separability and recyclability of valuable materials, assess the performance of separation processes and provide support through technological feasibility studies and economic feasibility studies.

Determination of input specifications


Determination of sample components

Determination of percentage of plastics, metal, glass, etc.

Identification of plastic types and its percentages

Determination of selected plastic types

Physicochemical tests


Determination of the residual moisture and lipophilic compounds

Determination of the ash residue, bulk density and MFI

Determination of the GF percentage and GF distribution

Determination of the percentage of halogen, paper and metal

Sieve analyses, optical characterisation, etc.

Process analyses of recycling technology


Determination of input specifications

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the separated fractions

Evaluation of the process selectivity and the disintegration degree of the recycling processes

Determination of the purity degree of the plastic fractions

Determination of the production and processing of the plastic fractions

Process control, evaluation of the process stability and quality control of the recovered products

Consulting & evaluation


Determination of the composition of plastic compounds as well as its practical meaning and implementation

Consultancy in purity degree and separability of plastic compounds, process analyses and the use of recyclates for extruding and injection moulding

Consultancy in process and purity control as well as in optimising recycling processes

Evaluation of the separation process: density separation process (hydrocyclone, float-sink and centrifugal), electrostatic processes, other automatic and manual sorting processes (colour and IR sorting)