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Impressive PB Logo caps off the construction of a new, modern Headquarters building featuring cutting-edge production technology

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With the installation of the company logo afront the new production hall, the central headquarters is now, also, visually complete. The striking 2.5 x 2.5 m logo, illuminated with the letters PB, will shine brightly through the night and truly bring a spotlight onto the modern character of the Group’s lead-location for production and innovation.

“Now that our green factory has finally been branded, it feels much more complete!” rejoices Patrick Blessing, Managing Director of the PB Group. “The logo is an essential part of our corporate identity, symbolising our values such as value creation, resource efficiency, and responsible relationships. It is a tangible reminder that we are equipping ourselves for the future in our new location at Schömberg-Langenbrand.”

In December of 2023 the PB Group moved in to the new office building, the Group’s central administration centre. In the modern production hall, also a part of the new building, a two-stage comminution-pelletising and float-sink separation process was simultaneously launched.

The new signage was created by BlaueErdbeere Werbetechnik GmbH in Krefeld. The company specialises in the production of high-quality illuminated advertising systems, and has previously acted as supplier to numerous high-profile clients from the worlds of industry and trade. We would like to thank BlaueErdbeere for this trustworthy, professional collaboration!

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